Four Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2021

Four Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2021

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We can all agree that finding unique ways to bond with family, bring the outdoors in and have a relaxing vacation (remember that word?) have been, lets say, challenging at best over the past year. While a summer sipping Bellinis on the Amalfi Coast may be on hold for now, we think its the perfect time to get back to the classic vacay: A road trip! From the Painted Desert along Route 66 to Moab, Utah with Thelma and Louise, road trips are a quintessential way to explore beautiful American landscapes. While the options are endless, we have compiled a list of four road trip ideas for summer 2021 that have a little something for everyone. So, grab the road trip snacks, load up the family, turn on the tunes and hit the road! Big Sur California

Big Sur, California 

Have you ever traveled to a place that you wanted to visit so much and hyped it up in your mind - only to be disappointed that it didn’t live up to your expectations? Good news here - Big Sur is NOT one of those places. With breathtaking deep blue water, jagged cliffs and lush mountains, this stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway has jaw-dropping views around every turn. Big Sur “proper” runs from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but the -better-known viewpoints are in Northern California and stretch for about 35 miles. There are many points of interest along the way, but one spot you can’t miss is McWay Falls. This scenic cove is home to an 80-foot waterfall that must be seen in person to appreciate its true beauty. But we’ll include a photo here to get you by in the meantime.  

Big Sky Montana

Salt Lake City to Big Sky 

With words like lake and sky in their names, Salt Lake City, Utah and Big Sky, Montana automatically bring dreamy outdoor escapes to mind. We recommend starting with fresh seafood in Salt Lake City and making your way to the major mountain peaks of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. With a lengthy drive of just under five hours ahead of you, be sure you have your Natierra Freeze-Dried Apples to keep you sustained through every verse of Bohemian Rhapsody that Dad just won’t Stop. SingingFrom the Tetons, make your way to Yellowstone National Park and check out Old Faithful, the most famous geyser in the United States. Finally, end your trip viewing magnificent glacial lakes, snow-filled mountain peaks and real-life cowboys in the epic Big Sky, Montana. 

Pheonix Arizona


Phoenix to Page, Arizona

One of the best parts of a road trip is experiencing so many epic natural creations. The drive from Phoenix to Page will give you LOADS of that. There are many great stops along the way, so make sure to plan for a few days (or a week if you can) so you get a chance to see all that this cactus-filled state has to offer. Go backcountry camping in Saguaro National Park. Explore the red-rock buttes, go mountain-biking or take a great day hike in Sedona. Walk through the Insta-worth narrow passageways of Antelope Canyon, and make sure to stop at The Wave as well. Have we missed something? Oh yeah, that little thing called the Grand Canyon. This must-see stop is not only one of the most massive natural canyons in the world, it’s also one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  

Boston Parks

Boston to Letchworth State Park 

We’re all about creating new experiences and a road trip to Letchworth State Park probably isn’t one that you’d originally think of. However, the trip from Boston to Upstate New York is one that North-Easternerwill tell you is one of the best. Visit the world-famous Fenway Park while in Boston and make your way through the tree-filled highways all the way up to the Letchworth. This state park is nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the East” because of its huge gorge that drops 60 feet into the Genesee River. Loaded with waterfalls, you’ll love stopping at every turn for pictures of truly unique scenic views.  


Helpful road trip tips: involve the whole group in planning! They’ll appreciate that you value their input, and everyone will feel like they were included in the adventure. The best tip of all: the road trip SNACKS! Try any of our Freeze-Dried snacks for a wholesome filling and delicious option that will keep all of the hands in the car occupied! Ready to start planning?! Check out all of our snack options at