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We carefully source ingredients with respect for local workers

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We deliver high quality superfoods to you!

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For each product purchased we provide a meal to a child in need 

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Each dollar spent for meals is accounted for through the help of our NGO giving partner

From One Case Of Salt To Becoming A National Brand With

It all started with a passion for travel and meeting people

Thierry Ollivier, the founder of Natierra, is a modern-day food adventurer, a superfood wizard who can talk to you all day about Camu Camu and Himalayan salt. In all the places his travels have taken him to, Thierry has been amazed by the unique ingredients he has been able to discover.

Discovering superfoods with a story and a soul

 A Peruvian miner showed Thierry how to harvest InkaSalt and told him 12th century stories of Inca priests who would throw handfuls of salt into sacred fires. In China, he discovered how traditional health practitioners used an amazing berry that he would be the first to import into the US: the Goji berry.

In Mexico, he learned how farmers grew juicy, naturally sweet mangos in their orchards. Every country was a new discovery of flavors and know-how.

Learn more about how we source our products.

Paying tribute to local communities

When Thierry Ollivier created his company in 2002, he founded it on a desire to share with US consumers the unique, high quality ingredients that he discovered as he searched for them all over the world. At the same time, he decided he would give back to the local farmers and communities who shared these gems with him.

Natierra is a superfood company based on ethical sourcing, innovative ingredients of the highest quality, and a simple promise: you Buy One, we Feed One child

Additionally, we sponsor educational programs and healthcare for underprivileged families. Learn more about our Impact.

What's behind our cheche? 

Every day is an adventure for Thierry. He travels the world seeking out innovative and delicious superfoods while donning his signature blue cheche, a cloth used by travelers and nomads to protect themselves from the harsh elements.

At Natierra, the cheche is a symbol for Natierra's ongoing journey and our meaningful relationships to the Earth and with the people we meet. All these define the soul of our business – a soul that feeds the bodies, minds and spirits of everyone connected to the company.

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