Don’t Be Salty - What is the Difference Between Salts?

At Natierra, we make salt a big deal. Mother nature gave salt a variety of elements and minerals that we try to bring to you at the best quality.

We travel to find the best salts, from Pink salt and Ice Salt mined deep within the foothills of the Himalayas to InkaSalt sourced from the Andes Mountains and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

But first things first, what are are the differences when it comes to choosing salt?


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Not all salt is created equal

What is salt?

Scientifically, salt is comprised of two natural elements, Sodium &  Chlorine (making Sodium Chloride), all supplied from sea water that deposits in various parts of the world. What separates the salts is where they are harvested from the deposits, and ultimately the processing to produce this staple of life.


Table salt

We’ll start with the most common form of salt in almost every household across America: table salt. Now, this salt is mined from salt deposits left behind when salt water evaporates. Where water pools over the salt, minerals and even pollutants are absorbed by the salt and concentrated into the final product. Once mining is complete, the salt is taken into labs for refinement to extract all pollutants, as well as any trace natural minerals that would have been absorbed.

Table salt is 98% pure Sodium Chloride. Because of the heavy processing, table salt will have a higher tendency to clump as it sits. Therefore, the remaining 2% of the compound consists of anti-caking agents.

Most table salts will also include Iodine, which is a necessary nutrient our bodies need to support healthy thyroid and immune balance. However, minimum daily levels can be found in foods such as fish, dairy, eggs and seaweed.


Sea Salt

Sea salt is exactly that; salt that is harvested straight from the evaporation of sea water in an open space. Due to the high demand for sea salt in the past few years, greater quantities have been processed through vacuum evaporation to supply the salt faster than open-air evaporation could.

In the end, most sea salt is minimally processed, which results in a coarser grain texture. Sea salt is also susceptible to the absorption of any ocean pollutants and has been discovered to have trace amounts of microplastics, due to trash particles in the ocean.

There are some companies that process sea salt further, stripping natural minerals out with a result that is closer to table salt. No thank you.

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Himalayan Pink Salt

Now, we can talk about our favorite salt, Himalayan Pink Salt.


Where is Himalayan salt mined ?

Himalayan Pink Salt is harvested from ancient salt mines of Pakistan, left from thousands of years of salt water deposits deep in the mines, thousands of miles away from any body of sea water.

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What's Himalayan salt?

The result is the purest, most pollutant free salt you can find.  

Can Himalayan salt be used for cooking?

 It’s a big yes! Our Himalania® Pink Salt was the first Himalayan salt to break US land, all the way back in the early 2000s. Since then, we have seen Himalayan Pink Salt command its place in retail markets for all culinary outlets, homes and restaurants.

Our Pink Salt delicately enhances flavors and awakens your taste buds. Definitely a must for a high-end touch!


Why choose Himalayan salt?

Salt is also used in health practices such as saline rinse for those pesky seasonal allergies. Many consumers prefer the purer taste of Himalayan Pink Salt to that of processed table salt, and we cant say we blame them. Use Himalania Pink Salt in all your culinary adventures today!

All salt should be consumed at a moderate level due to health concerns. Overconsumption can have various negative effects, such as fluctuating blood pressure, dehydration, increased risk of heart disease, and increased risk of strokes.


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