5 Ways to safely Celebrate Halloween at Home Instead of Trick-or-Treating

There is no doubt that Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids and adults alike! Here are some tips to keep it fun & safe during these challenging times:

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Have a Virtual Costume Party

Not being able to go Trick-or-Treat outside doesn’t mean you can’t show off your costumes!  Dress up your little ones in their favorite Halloween costumes and plan a virtual party so they can show their friends their scary looks.

Keep the Trick and eat clean Treats

Most kids’ favorite part about Trick-or-Treating is the candy but you can keep them on the clean eating wagon with snacks that are clean, with no preservatives or sugar added... Our Natierra Fruit Snacks check all the boxes! From Dried Mango to multiple Freeze-Dried Fruits options, our snacks are so wholesome and delicious that you can be sure your kids will want to eat them again and again!


Make Halloween Crafts

On Halloween night, set up a craft station and let them loose to create whatever they like! Be it pumpkin carving, DIY Halloween cards, or even making coronavirus fabric face masks, anything goes!



Mini Pumpkin Hunt

Get mini pumpkins and hide them outside in the yard or around the house. Set the family loose to find them all and whoever finds the most wins a prize!


Halloween-themed movie night

Nothing feels better than a cozy family night in with a movie so why not have a Halloween-themed movie night?

You can even make a game out of it, every time the word "Halloween" is said in the movie, everyone should do 5 jumping jacks.


Which one of these ideas is your favorite? We want to know!!!