A basket with variety of Natierra Freeze-Dried fruits bags and goji berries bag on the grass. A white and blue beach ball and bottle of water.

Natierra Snack Box

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The Natierra Snack Box includes our best sellers for snacking:

  • Organic Freeze-Dried Roasted Corn 1.6oz
  • 2 x Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries 1.2oz
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Blueberries 1.2oz
  • Organic Dried Mango Cheeks 8oz
  • Goji Berries 4oz
  • 2 x Organic Freeze-Dried Apples 1.5oz
  • Premium Freeze-Dried Bananas and Strawberries 1.2oz
  • Organic Dried Mango Strips 8oz
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Mangos 1.5oz


It is the perfect choice to fuel your adventures! This box features 9 Natierra snacking best sellers that are kid-friendly, natural and will awaken your taste buds without making you feel guilty.

For every purchase of this box, we donate 9 meals to children in need.

Learn more about our Buy One, Feed One program.

Kids at school smiling for pictureKids at school smiling for picture


We’re invested in the countries & communities where we do business. In 2017 the Buy One Feed One program was founded, which provides a meal to a child with each eligible Natierra purchase. To date, we have provided 3 million meals. Join us on our mission to make better-for-you snacks that positively impact people’s lives & the plant!