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We carefully source ingredients with respect for local workers

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We deliver high quality, healthy superfoods to you!

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For each product purchased we provide a meal to a child in need 

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Each dollar spent for meals is accounted for through the help of our NGO giving partner.

1.6 million meals Given - and counting.

We use business for good

Our vision is to create as much positive impact as we can with our brand. Communities we meet during our journey are the reason we are able to bring to our customers such unique and high quality superfoods. As a way to give back, we created the Buy One, Feed One program, through which your purchase provides one meal for a child in need in Haiti.

The meals consist of a blend of rice, dehydrated vegetables and soy nuggets. They provide a significant percentage of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for a child’s proper physical and mental development.

Through every purchase you make, you provide one meal to a child in need

When traveling to Haiti in 2016, Thierry learned about mud cookies, a way people were tricking their stomachs into feeling full, which lead to extreme discomfort, soil-born diseases and worse. 59% of the Haitian population lives below the national poverty line*. Poverty leads to Chronic Hunger, and kids missing out school. (*World Bank).

Thierry had an epiphany: “We can and must do better than dirt”. Natierra's Buy One, Feed One program was born on a simple promise: for every product we sell, we give one meal to a Haitian child in need. Our initiative currently extends to all products sold online.

A school meal has a positive impact beyond nutrition

Undernutrition impacts children's physical and cognitive development with consequences beyond health, continuing the cycle of poverty.

Providing children with a nutritious meal at school encourages their attendance and prepares them for a better future, which in turn will help support their families. Not only does the program promote education, it also helps fighting poverty.

Giving back to local communities  

Regular business travels to the Sacred Valley of Peru gave Thierry the opportunity to see first-hand the desperate needs some of the families living in the area have for medical care. Through a local clinic, Natierra participates in a sponsorship program giving families free care for an entire year. Friendships with families in the program have also been built through the numerous visits Thierry and his wife Maïa have been paying them every time their travels take them to Peru.

Since 2016, 14 families have received uninterrupted free care at the clinic thanks to Natierra (24 adults + 45 children). 

Thank you, this wouldn't be possible without you!

You help us have a positive impact on local communities.

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