Welcome to Our Natierra Community

Fresh N Lean

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An Organic Partnership

The Natierra® and Fresh N Lean partnership is based on a mututal respect for quaity ingredients and local farmers.

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Innovative Smoothie Blends

Plant Based & No Sugar Added Smoothies

Along with our single-fruit powders, we've carefully created ready-to-mix blends packed with organic ingredients and natural vitamins.

Simply add a tube to a shaker bottle, mix with your favorite beverage, shake, and enjoy!

On-The-Go Organic Smoothie Powders

Simple, Fast, & So Good

Whether at home, at work or at school, we've done the hard work for you. Simplify your daily routine with smoothies so delicious that it makes mindful nutrition feel like a treat.

Your smoothie in 3 steps: Pour, shake, enjoy!

SIngle-Fruit & Veggie Smoothie Powders

Daily Dose Of Delicious

Mix & Match Your Powders

With organic single-fruit powders, you can mix & match to create a unique smoothie.

Add as much or as little of the powders of your choice to suit your tastebuds! You’re in charge.


You Become the Creator

Play with our ready-to-mix organic fruit & veggie powders and blends to create your personalized smoothie. Recreate classics or break out of the box - you’re in control of how you nourish your body.

Already have a line-up of smoothie recipe favorites? Elevate your experience by adding our single-fruit & veggie powders into the mix.

Cherishing our Earth's resources

Fighting Food Waste

Each year in the US up to 40% of fresh edible fruit is wasted because it has reached an expiration date.

Many fruits and veggies are thrown away due to being imperfect vs. retail standards. Natierra® is committed to being a sustainable and equitable food solution.

Join us as we aim to reduce food waste. Our fruits & veggies taste good and do good.

Buy One Pack, Feed One Child

Commitment to Community

With every smoothie subscription or sample pack purchase, we will feed a child in need.