Natierra Organic Strawberry smoothie tube spilled in a wood cutting board, with smoothie in mason jar and Bananas in the background
Pouring Strawberry smoothie into blender, next to cutting board with bananas and blueberries


You Are The Creator

Craft Your Smoothie

an easy, better-for-you smoothie

Mix and match our fruit & veggie powders or blends

Open Natierra Blueberry Smoothie powder tube open, with spill powder on table next to smoothie glass and Blueberries


A dash of blueberry, a pinch of pineapple, a little kick of kale...

Our Organic Smoothie Powders require no prep. They are ready to mix. Experiment to create your perfect custom blend.

Natierra Smoothie Tube line

So Many Ways To Enjoy Natierra®

Organic Smoothie Powder Blends

If creating your own powder blends does not fit into your schedule, we've got you covered!

Our 6 different innovative organic Smoothie Powder blends, offer a quick and easy on-the-go option.

Just grab your Natierra® Shaker bottle, fill with your favorite liquid, add your Smoothie Powder Blend, shake & go!