Six Quick Snack Ideas for a Summer Hike

Six Quick Snack Ideas for a Summer Hike

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Whether you are planning a trip to the Appalachian Trail or simply want to enjoy the outdoors, hiking is a great way to get yourblood flowing and see things that you can’t see from a car (or  a  couch). Choosing the right snacks to take on said hike can help you tackle any terrain out there! Focus on foods that are high in boosting qualities and light weight, while steering away from foods that are high in fat and sugar. Not sure which way to turn? We have compiled a list of six quick snack ideas for a summer hike that will allow you to feel full without giving you the post-snack slump.    

Snack Ideas For a Hike

     1. Trail Mix  

Salt, you say? A little salt in trail mix can actually be good for you! While you are sweating it out on the trail, your electrolytes will need to be replenished. Make your own trail mix with healthy nuts, seeds, Natierra  Freeze-dried roasted corn and, a little of the fun stuff, Natierra  Chocolate-covered chia seeds.  

    2. Eggs  

Not what you were expecting to see on a hike snack list? Eggs are packed with protein and keep you full for a long time. Try hard boiling these nutrient-filled goodies for a morning pre-hike snack or to take along  (remember to peel them before you leave the house).  

    3. Nut Butters  

      Nut butters make tasty AND nutritious treats! From pecan to almond to the classic peanut, spread a little over a piece of toast or eat right from the container. Having a nut butter snack will keep you energized and ready to tackle the next peak.    

     4. Freeze-Dried Fruits  

We know, we know. We’re partial to the Freeze-Dried Fruits here at Natierra, but for good reason! Packed with vitamins and minerals, freeze-dried fruits are a great way to have a  wholesome treat without the hassle of sticky fruit juice covering your backpack. Try any one of our organic varieties at   

    5. Cheese  

     Portable charcuterie board anyone? While you don’t need to go that far, cheese is a great protein to have as summer hike snack. Eat alone or pair with nuts, dried fruit or jerky!  

     6. Goji Berries  

 These tiny berries are loaded with antioxidants, an excellent source of fiber and jam-packed with protein. Ain’t No Mountain High Enoughwill never seem more fitting after a handful of Natierra’s goji berriesand the energy boost that they can give you.    

What are your favorite summer hike snacks? Check us out on Instagram @natierra and share your ideas with us!

Until then, keep it simple, keep it delicious, and keep it superfood with  Natierra.