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Natierra Goji Berries
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Natierra Goji Berries
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Natierra Goji Berries
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Natierra Goji Berries

Goji Berries

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Used for over 5,000 years in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines, Goji berries have incredible nutritional value. They are a good source of protein, iron, potassium and fiber. Eat them as a stand-alone snack or added to trail mixes, baked goods, salads and yogurt.

For every online purchase of this product, we donate a meal to a child in need.

Learn more about our Buy One, Feed One program.

Customer Reviews

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thomas r.
Sweet substitute

We've been using it for quite a long time. Use in coffee, cereal or other foods, it is just great. No more granulated white sugar for us.

Edward l.
going berries

They were great thank u

Ruth G.

We love our goji berries!

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We carefully source ingredients with respect for local workers

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We deliver high quality superfoods to you!

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For each product purchased we provide a meal to a child in need 

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Each dollar spent for meals is accounted for through the help of our NGO giving partner

We discover the finest ingredients for you

Our Founder Thierry Ollivier and our Sourcing Team travel around the globe to visit fields and processing facilities, meeting the farmers who partner with us in this adventure.

We work hand in hand with local growers and communities to ensure ethical sourcing and quality.


Through every purchase you make, you provide one meal to a child in need

59% of the Haitian population live below the national poverty line*. Poverty leads to Chronic Hunger, and kids missing out school. (*World Bank).

Natierra's Buy One, Feed One program was born on a simple promise: for every product we sell, we give one meal to a Haitian child in need. Our initiative currently extends to all products sold online.