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Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Raspberries
Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Raspberries
Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Raspberries

Organic Freeze-Dried Raspberries

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This wholesome snack starts with USDA certified organic raspberries. These raspberries are freeze-dried whole, which removes most of their water and adds a crunch that makes them absolutely irresistible. Throughout the process they retain nearly all of the vitamins and fiber present in the fresh fruit.

Eat them from the bag or add to trail mixes and cereal. Freeze-dried fruit can also be blended to create a powder that will add natural flavor, color or an elegant topping to baked treats. 

**If you order our Freeze-Dried Raspberries, please note you will receive the previous Natierra packaging! 


We’re invested in the countries & communities where we do business. In 2017 the Buy One Feed One program was founded, which provides a meal to a child with each eligible Natierra purchase. To date, we have provided 3 million meals. Join us on our mission to make better-for-you snacks that positively impact people’s lives & the plant!