Natierra Banana Strawberry Organic Smoothie NATSMOOMX6JAR
Natierra Banana Strawberry Organic Smoothie NATSMOOMX6JAR
Natierra Banana Strawberry Organic Smoothie 7oz
Natierra Banana Strawberry Organic Smoothie NATSMOOMX6JAR

Banana Strawberry Organic Smoothie

From $3.59 per smoothie
Size7oz Jar



  • 10 smoothies in a jar.
  • Made from organic fruits, with no sugar added, additives, or preservatives. 
  • Our smoothies are plant-based and help you balance your diet while boosting your daily fruit and veggie intake. 
  • Ready in less than 30 seconds! 
  • This crowd-pleasing Banana-Strawberry Smoothie is cholesterol-free and has natural sweetness!
  • Each serving is made from 1 banana & 5 strawberries.

We've done our best to help you elevate your daily routine with delicious smoothies that make nutrition feel like a treat. Made from organic fruits and vegetables which are freeze-dried and finely ground into powders. That’s it! With our 8 ready-to-mix, organic smoothie powders, you can create your favorite smoothie recipe in seconds. If creating your own smoothie blends doesn’t fit into your schedule, we’ve got you covered! Our 6 innovative organic smoothie blends offer a quick and easy option. Just grab your Natierra shaker bottle, fill it with your favorite liquid, add your smoothie(s), shake & go!



No Sugar Added



No Additives

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3 million meals & counting! 

We’re invested in the countries & communities where we do business. In 2017 the Buy One Feed One program was founded, which provides a meal to a child with each eligible Natierra purchase. To date, we have provided 3 million meals. Join us on our mission to make better-for-you snacks that positively impact people’s lives & the plant!