Natierra Organic Blueberry and Mango smoothie jars with smoothie in a glass
Natierra Blueberry Smoothie powder tube next to smoothie glass and fruits and vegetables

Organic Smoothies

Just Fruits & Veggies

Fruits & Veggies In Seconds

Our delicious Smoothies are made from organic fruits and vegetables which are freeze-dried and finely ground into powders. That’s it! Nothing is added.

Did you know that roughly ¾ Americans eat a diet deficient in fruits and veggies? Natierra wants to change that and help you add plant-based nutrition into your daily routine! With our smoothies, there’s never been an easier way to contribute to your daily servings of fruits and vegetables.







Dairy Free


No Additives

No Additives

No sugar added

No Sugar Added

Natierra Kale Smoothie tube being served in a smoothie shaker

You become the creator with SmoothologyTM

Create your own recipe. With our 8 ready-to-mix, individual, organic smoothie powders, you can mix and match your favorite fruits and veggies in seconds. What’s your favorite fruit? If you can’t decide on one, choose a combo you like and mix them to create your own smoothie. Have a favorite smoothie recipe already? Add our organic smoothie powders to boost your daily fruit & veggie intake. Mango not in season? Use our powder in place of fresh fruit in your favorite smoothie recipe without sacrificing nutrition or taste.  

Steps to mix Natierra Organic Smoothies
Steps to mix Natierra Organic Smoothies
smoothie shaker and two Natierra smoothie tubes next to Banana and strawberrysmoothie shaker and two Natierra smoothie tubes next to Banana and strawberry

READY-to-shake blends 

If creating your own smoothie blends does not fit into your schedule, we’ve got you covered! Our 6 innovative organic smoothie blends offer a quick and easy on-the-go option. 

Just grab your Natierra Shaker bottle, fill it with your favorite liquid, add your smoothie powder blend, shake & go! 


Each year in the US up to 40% of fresh edible fruit is wasted because it has reached an expiration date, as well as many fruits and veggies are thrown away due to being imperfect vs. retail standards. Natierra is committed to being a sustainable and equitable food solution. Here’s how: 

First, our freeze-drying technology allows us to rescue the fruits and veggies that aren’t meeting retailer standards and transform them into delicious smoothie powders that make mindful nutrition feel like a treat. Freeze-drying guarantees a long shelf life without any compromise on taste, nutrition, and quality! Just the produce, with the water taken out so that the good stuff stays in. 

Second, through our manufacturing process, we use the powder by-product from packing our freeze-dried snacks to make our smoothies.  Minimizing food waste allows us to use resources more meaningfully and responsibly. Join us as we aim to reduce food waste by 2025.

 Natierra's Freeze Drying process
Natierra's Freeze Drying process