Organic freeze-dried strawberry smoothie

Start Fresh in 2023 with Smoothology!

Get ready to kickstart your wellness journey in the new year with Natierra's Organic Smoothies! Take control of your well-being with Smoothology™ - our innovative approach to smoothie making. With 8 organic smoothie powders, it's easy to create your perfect blend of fruits and veggies in seconds.
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At Natierra, we’re excited to start the new year off with our line of Organic Smoothies.

You’re in charge of your well-being with Smoothology™. With our 8 ready-to-mix, individual, organic smoothie powders, you can mix and match your favorite fruits and veggies in seconds.

Natierra Organic Smoothie Instructions

Our smoothies are made of organic and plant-based ingredients, nothing else. Take our Organic Strawberry Smoothie, for example, it contains 16 strawberries in a tube. That’s right, there’s nothing added!

Not interested in creating your own smoothie mix?

We also have 6 innovative blends that are ready to shake and take wherever you go. You can feel good knowing our Green Balance Smoothie contains 1 pineapple slice, 1/5 banana, ¼ kiwi, 1 mango slice, 2 spinach leaves & a hint of ginger.

Natierra Organic Green Balance Ingredients

Just grab a Natierra shaker, add water or your favorite liquid, add your smoothie, shake it and it’s ready!

Start your smoothie journey in 2023 with Natierra and get into Smoothology. Get your smoothies here and start your creations.

Here’s a recipe to inspire you to add more veggies to your smoothie:

Pink Blast, kale and broccoli organic smoothie recipe

Pink Blast Smoothie Boosted With Veggies

Pink Blast, broccoli, kale organic smoothie


  1. Fill your shaker with 10-12 oz. of non-dairy milk

  2. Add 2 scoops of Organic Pink Blast Smoothie

  3. Add ½ scoop of Organic Broccoli Smoothie

  4. Add ½ scoop of Organic Kale Smoothie

  5. Shake up for less than 30 seconds

  6. Enjoy!