Dark chocolate covered freeze-dried organic fruits

Spooktacular Guilt-Free Halloween Treats

Embrace the spooky season without the sugar rush! Halloween is all about indulging in treats, but before you reach for the candy bowl, let's talk about the not-so-sweet side of sugary snacks. Discover a better-for-you alternative that both kids and adults will love.
Halloween is a time when kids & adults get to indulge in sugary treats and enjoy the magic of this spooky season. Before you dive headfirst into the candy bowl, let's chat about the not-so-sweet side of candy consumption and introduce a better-for-you alternative that both you and your little ones will adore. 
better snacks for you
Let’s start with how much candy is consumed during the spooky season. 

Halloween is the grand champion of candy sales in the United States and consumers spend over $2.5 billion on sweets each year for this holiday. 

On average, your typical American devours about 25 pounds of candy annually, which is the equivalent weight of 5 bags of sugar. Yep, you heard that right. It's a lot of sugar, folks. 

When it comes to Halloween, the candy champs are chocolate bars, candy corn, and gummy delights. And we know, who can resist those?  

It’s all sweet and fun until… 

Let’s get to the not-so-sweet side of excessive candy munching for kids: 
  1. Tooth Fairy Troubles: Too much candy can result in tooth decay and cavities.  

  2. Sugar Rush, Sugar Crash: Candy overload can lead to rapid blood sugar spikes and crashes, resulting in mood swings and epic post-candy crashes. 

  3. Tricky Weight Gain: All that sugar can be a sneaky culprit in weight gain and even obesity. 

  4. Nutrition Nightmare: Candy doesn't pack much nutritional punch, and overindulgence can leave our kiddos short on essential nutrients for growth and development. 

Freeze-Dried Fruits versus Candies
        The Sweet Solution: Natierra Chocolate-Covered Freeze-Dried Fruit 

        It’s all about balance, and we've got a wickedly delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional Halloween candy—Natierra Chocolate-Covered Freeze-Dried Fruit 

        Chocolate covered fruits

        This is a treat that you and your little monsters will go batty for because they have top-notch ingredients. They are made with 55% cacao dark chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants and delivers an intense chocolatey flavor that'll make your taste buds dance. 

        And the fruit? It's organic, meaning it's free from preservatives. Say goodbye to those pesky sugar spikes and try our chocolate-covered strawberries, mangos, and bananas during this Halloween season! 

        Candy consumption facts source: National Confectioners Association.