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Reach your 2024 goals with the power of smoothies

Unlock a more wholesome version of yourself with organic smoothies! As we embrace the "New Year, New You" mantra, prioritizing your fruit and veggie intake is key. Say hello to a vibrant, energized you with each refreshing sip!
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We're all about embracing the “New Year, New You” vibes. One very important goal for 2024 is to get the fruit and veggie intake your body needs and what better way to do it than with organic smoothies?

You may not know that you are part of the population that’s not getting the right number of vegetables and fruits, because according to the USDA 90% of the US population does not meet the recommendation for vegetables and 80% doesn’t get the right fruit intake.

Incorporating organic smoothies into your daily routine is a fantastic and convenient way to boost your daily intake.

Fruit and veggie intake goals

3 ways to add them to your daily routine
  1. Get the morning greens
    You can make your combo using our organic spinach, apple, and kale smoothies or grab Green Balance and make it anywhere. Just pour your favorite liquid and shake. Either way, you have a delicious smoothie in less than 30 seconds.
  1. Bowls of nutrients
    Mix our smoothies with frozen fruits, add a bit less liquid for a thicker consistency, and top it with granola!

  2. Fruity oats
    Stir a spoonful of our fruit and veggies smoothies into your morning oatmeal for a burst of flavor. Top it with your favorite fruits and a drizzle of honey for a wholesome, energizing, and satisfying breakfast.

The possibilities are endless! Each sip and every bite gives you more wholesome nutrition and takes you a step closer to the ultimate you!