Natierra Organic Smoothie Blueberry Banana

Fighting Food Waste One Smoothie at a Time

With each sip, you can boost your nutrient intake while contributing to our effort to minimize food waste. How do we do it? It's all in our techniques and ingredients. Learn more in our blog!
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Feel Good About Your Nutrition Journey With Our Organic Smoothies

Did you know that approximately 1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted? This results in financial losses for farmers, retailers, and consumers, and it also contributes to climate change and deforestation.

Join us as we aim to reduce food waste by 2025 with our smoothies. Boost your daily intake of nutrients and save food from being wasted one smoothie at a time.

How do we help tackle food waste?

It's all about the technique & ingredients we use.

First, our freeze-drying technology allows us to rescue fruits and veggies that aren’t meeting retailer standards and transform them into delicious smoothie powders that make mindful nutrition feel like a treat. Freeze-drying guarantees a long shelf life without any compromise on taste, nutrition, and quality!

Second, through our manufacturing process, we use the powder by-product from packing our freeze-dried snacks to make our smoothies. Minimizing food waste allows us to use resources more meaningfully and responsibly. 

Here are some tips that you can use to help tackle food waste from home:
Plan your meals

Before going grocery shopping, make a list of what you need and stick to it. This will help avoid buying more food that could end up in the trash.

Use your leftovers

Instead of letting leftovers go to waste, repurpose them into new meals. For example, use leftover cooked vegetables in a frittata or leftover meat in a stir-fry.

Store food properly

Storing fruits and vegetables in the right conditions can help them stay fresh for longer, which can help prolong the life of your food.

Support sustainable practices

When purchasing food, look for products that are grown and produced sustainably. This supports farmers and producers who are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

 Here’s a smoothie recipe to keep you inspired on your journey:

Blueberry and banana organic smoothie recipe

Quick Smoothie with Blueberry & Banana Powder

Organic blueberry and banana smoothie steps
  1. Fill your shaker with 8 oz of non-dairy milk

  2. Add 1 scoop of Organic Blueberry Smoothie

  3. Add 1 scoop of Organic Banana Smoothie

  4. Shake up for less than 30 seconds

  5. Enjoy!


Organic blueberry and banana smoothie result