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Strawberry Organic Smoothie

Sale price$4.99
SizeSingle Serving Tube


You know that sweet delicious flavor that comes from Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries- well now you get all the same sweet taste, now just in an easy to use smoothie powder.

Good enough to drink alone, or create your own mixture with our other powders.

Natierra Single Serving Organic Strawberry Smoothie Powder is made from 16 Strawberries


If you want help balancing your diet then Natierra Superfood Smoothies are your answer. We've done our best to help you elevate your daily routine with smoothies so delicious that it makes drinking clean feel like a treat.

We know you are busy, so we have done the work for you. It takes less than 30 seconds to get your daily fruit and veggie intake. Seriously, there is no prep because they are already ready to blend. Mix up with your liquid of choice (we recommend a nut milk) and let our custom blender bottle do the rest.

For years now, Natierra's know-how with fruit snacks and superfood ingredients has been recognized for helping people eat better, while supporting communities around the world.​

It's simple really, our smoothies are made from Real Organic Fruits and Veggies, so you know exactly what your consuming. Just like our popular Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks the process is the same the only difference, we finely crush the product into a powder. This means the maximum health benefits are preserved!

It all comes down to Smoothology ™ / “Mixology” makes smoothie consumption entertaining.​ It is up to you how you want to enjoy these flavors. Recreate the classics or custom make your own tasting experiences! Share the way you Smooth-It with us @Natierrasuperfoods
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We’re invested in the countries & communities where we do business. In 2017 the Buy One Feed One program was founded, which provides a meal to a child with each eligible Natierra purchase. To date, we have provided 3 million meals. Join us on our mission to make better-for-you snacks that positively impact people’s lives & the plant!