Follow up tests on recalled freeze-dried blueberries show product meets FDA standards

Dear Friends, 

We know how much our customers care about the health, safety, and quality of our products, and we want to provide an important update on our voluntary recall.

We recently learned that a test of samples from two lots of our organic freeze-dried blueberries – lot numbers 2021363-1 (best by date of 12/2024) and 2022026-1 (best by date 01/2025) – showed trace levels of lead that appeared to fall short of established FDA limits. Out of an abundance of caution, we acted immediately, initiating a voluntary recall and confirming this was an isolated issue; limited exclusively to two lots of our Organic freeze-dried blueberry product.

In more than 20 years of business, this was our first ever recall. Like you, this news caused us great concern. We were guided by our deep and enduring commitment to providing quality while striving to serve you, your families, and our communities. The integrity with which we do this - and your trust in us - is the foundation of our business.

As you can imagine, we immediately focused our attention on understanding what happened, and answering your questions with the utmost accuracy and responsibility. This took time – more time than we would have liked – and we know this caused frustration. But at the same time, we had to ensure we could provide meaningful answers, whether you were anxious about your family’s health or your financial interests. We’re grateful for your patience in this regard, as we know your belief in the quality of our products was challenged.

We’re pleased to report that the initial test results provided by the FDA were inconsistent with the significant number of samples we tested from the remainder of our recall.

Follow-up tests conducted by two independent laboratories, Eurofins and Certified Labs (ISO 17025), showed that our results were well within the FDA’s established safety limits for children.

We’re now working with the FDA to determine the cause of anomalies in the test that triggered the recall.

While we’re reassured by these findings and hope they help restore your trust in Natierra, we’re committed to being more vigilant than ever.

Since initiating our voluntary recall, we’ve performed additional testing. Every sample tested complies with established FDA limits. We’ve also implementedan immediate measure to strengthenour safety and quality assurance processes for this product, mandating that:

· New suppliers demonstrate at minimum a 4-year history of test results.

We’re grateful for the feedback received from thousands since the beginning of this recall– even when the messages were critical. You reminded us of our good fortune in having such deep ties with each customer. This has sharpened our resolve to deliver the very best to you.

That said, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, stress, and concern our voluntary recall has caused. We want you to know how grateful we are for this opportunity to provide you with this news, and we look forward to serving you better each day.


The Natierra Team