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We are on a mission to make better-for-you snacks that positively impact people's lives & the planet. 

Food waste is bad news

According to a 2019 study by ReFED Food Waste Monitor, Americans generate over 50 million tons of food waste annually. The EPA says Americans generate more than any other country. 


At the residential level, the equivalent of 50 billion meals are wasted annually. Whoa! That’s 6.57 trillion gallons of water wasted between farms and residences. 

Did you know a family of 4 throws away around 1,600 dollars’ worth of food each year?  Not only is your food budget going into the trash, but also the planet’s precious resources. 

When food goes misused, it contributes to wasted water, land & money. And negatively impacts the environment, increasing greenhouse gases.  

At the Store level, many fruits and vegetables go to waste because some of them don’t meet retail standards and cannot be displayed on shelf… that’s where Natierra comes in! 

Here’s how Natierra is Making an Impact

First, our freeze-drying technology allows us to rescue fruits and veggies that aren’t meeting retailer standards and transform them into delicious snacks that make mindful nutrition feel like a treat. Freeze-drying guarantees a long shelf life without any compromise on taste, nutrition, and quality! Just the produce, with the water taken out so that the good stuff stays in.  

Second, through our manufacturing process, we use the powder waste from packing our freeze-dried snacks to make our smoothies.  Minimizing food waste allows us to use resources more meaningfully and responsibly. Join us as we aim to reduce food waste by 2025. 

Natierra Freeze-Dried Snacks and Smoothies will help save more than 2 million pounds of fresh fruit from food waste by 2025. Join us in our commitment to reduce food waste.