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Did you know that our Goji Berries are excellent on their own as a snack, or to add taste and texture to trail mixes, to upgrade baked goods, or even as a salad topper? Their savory-sweet taste makes Goji Berries a natural staple for a plant-based lifestyle!
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Our Founder Thierry Ollivier and our Sourcing Team travel around the globe to visit fields and processing facilities, meeting the farmers who partner with us in this adventure.

We work hand in hand with local growers and communities to ensure ethical sourcing and quality.

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59% of the Haitian population live below the national poverty line*. Poverty leads to Chronic Hunger, and kids missing out school. (*World Bank).

Natierra's Buy One, Feed One program was born on a simple promise: for every product we sell, we give one meal to a Haitian child in need. Our initiative currently extends to all products sold online.

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