Five Ways to Welcome Spring in LA

Five Ways to Welcome Spring in LA

We can feel it - that “Sunny and 75 mentality is back! Spring has finally arrived; we want to celebrate that as much as possible. While the idea of trading warm clothing for shorts and dresses is what comes first to mind, we would also like to share some of our favorite ways to welcome spring in Los Angeles. Not local to Southern California? Keep these tips in mind for your next family road trip!  
*We are still in a pandemic... be safe and observe the CDC guidelines and local rules while enjoying the following.*

1. Take a hike!

And we mean that in the best way possible. One of our favorite trails is Escondido Falls in Malibu. The Winding Way trail leads you through a gorgeous, tree-filled hike that takes you to one of the best waterfalls in Southern California. At over 150 feet tall, this is one of three waterfalls to be discovered on this hike. The trail to the base of the falls is a shaded stroll, while the upper tiers are an exciting challenge for hikers who want more of a workout! One thing you want to be sure of- take a snack and lots of waterThis hike is a four mile roundtrip and will  take around two hours to complete. Our organic dried mango cheeks make for the perfect hike snack.  

2. Picnic in the park 

"The Golden State” has no shortage of great outdoor picnic spots. Embrace the sun (and sunscreen), grab your gingham blanket and head out for a picnic. Choose Lake Hollywood for an epic view of the Hollywood sign or Palisades Park for ocean breeze and palm trees. Need picnic snack ideas? Our organic freeze-dried tropical fruits are great straight from the bag or added to trail mix, and our organic chocolate covered strawberry snacks are a great sweet treat to finish on! Both locations have picnic tables and benches available.  


3. Visit the Poppy Fields

One of the most visually stunning natural events in SoCal is the poppy bloom in Antelope Valley. Each spring, during the months of March and April, the desert comes alive with these vibrant orange flowers. Just a short drive outside of LA proper, the poppy bloom is something not to miss!



4. Beach Day

  What better way to celebrate warmer weather than the classic LA day - a day at the beach! Break out the beach umbrella and towels, and head out to the Pacific Coast to enjoy some much-needed Vitamin D. From the white sand of Santa Monica Beach to gorgeous rock formations at El Matador, there is something to enjoy for everyone! Need somethinto quench your thirst in that oh-so-amazing sun? Try out this margarita recipe using our freeze-dried strawberries. 


5. Ride bikes or rollerblade the streets of Venice 

Skate or bike your way along the Pacific Coast! One of the most picturesque and popular places to get your two-wheel move on. Start in Venice Beach and follow the boardwalk all the way to Santa Monica. Or even farther if your legs can last long enough! Best part- no gear required! There are a many places offering bike and rollerblade rentals. 


How will you be welcoming spring? Be sure to share your ideas with us and, while youre at it, check out our Instagram page @natierrasuperfoods to enter our springtime giveaway!  

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